Claire Danes’ Style Evolution


Fresh off the success of her cult-followed TV show, “My So Called Life,” the actress epitomizes late-90s grunge style. That said, er, red eye shadow? That’s a fast track to looking sick and tired. Miss Danes may want to consult our Eye Makeup Quiz.

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Here, the now 20-year-old may have taken someone’s advice to ditch the rabbit eyes, and while not wearing any war paint in front of paparazzi throngs exudes a certain degree of bad-assery, studies do suggest that makeup can help your adoring public love you even more. Just sayin’.

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While rocking complementary colors can be risky—like when it comes to green eyes paired with red hair and a bright violet shirt—the payoff can be intense, in a good way. These shades “tend to ‘vibrate’ when next to each other,” says makeup artist Fiona Stiles.

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Here at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit Gala in 2003, the famously long-waisted actress manages to balance out her body shape by wearing an elongating black gown that draws attention to her décolletage and creates a long, lean line.

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On the other hand, sorry lady, but the way the seams break up this Lanvin frock may draw more attention to your long waist. Here, more ideas about how to avoid this devastating scenario and max your body shape.

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Though Danes is known for her trademark bob, we kind of love this moment, at the “Stage Beauty” premiere in London, where she debuted pretty curls that fell—gasp—below her jawline! But, er, the flyaway attack is distracting from her otherwise grade A ‘do.

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We give props to Danes for her use of rosy blush and gloss—both are proven to make you look younger and more wide-awake. (The messy updo we’re not so keen on…)

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How to stand out on the red carpet? Wear red, duh. Experts agree that this color sets you apart from the masses.

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At the annual Vanity Fair party, Danes rocked an updo again, but while the hairstyle looked perfectly effortless, the smooth silhouette helped it appear polished at the same time. Sadly, hair tends to roughen with age, but luckily, we live in an era filled with frizz-busters.

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What’s not to love about her slouchy-yet-sexy lemon-yellow slinker at the 2012 Emmy’s? So flattering on her pregnant body. It’s true sour faces: Bright colors really can brighten your mood!

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