Did you know you can use blush as eyeshadow? As more brands formulate and release multitasking products, it allows consumers to have more creativity. Blush can act as a natural eyeshadow shade to give you a flushed-from-within look.

You can apply blush to the eyes like you would any other eyeshadow. It results in a blended, peachy-pink, and glowy finish. Also, this technique is customizable for all makeup styles and skill sets.

How To Use Blush As Eyeshadow
Using blush as eyeshadow creates a natural but flattering appearance. You can look flushed from head to toe and add an extra glow to your complexion. Also, using blush as an eyeshadow can result in a cohesive eye and cheek finish.
Prep Eyelids
You’ll always want to prep the eyelids before any eye look. Using an eye primer or concealer on the lids before product will ensure longevity. It also provides a seamless canvas to blend powders and creams into the crease effortlessly.
Start With Creams
It’s ideal to start with cream blush to avoid any patchiness when layering powder. Creams offer a natural finish and can be easily built up. Also, cream blushes are more forgiving when you add too much and can be toned down with concealer.

You can add blush into the crease and blend outwards to the temples. Or, apply it however you usually like to use eyeshadow.
Use Multiple Shades
It’s beneficial to have multiple blush shades on hand so you can still add depth and dimension to any makeup look. For example, you can focus deeper blush shade on the outer corners, and brighter blushes on the lids for a cohesive finish.
Set With Powder Blush
Cream products can easily slide across the eyes throughout the day, so it can help to set your eyes with a powder. Set your cream blushes with powder blush for extra longevity and color saturation.

However, you can set cream blushes in place with a translucent powder for a natural effect.
Add A Shimmery Finish
Keep in mind the finish of your blush. For example, blushes can offer matte, satin, and shimmer finishes for added depth. In addition, you can strategically place shimmer blushes where you would typically highlight the eyes, like the inner corner and brow bone.
Blend Out To The Cheeks
Are you looking for a wearable, editorial makeup look? Then, you can blend out your blush from the eyes to the cheeks. This technique will create a subtle gradient effect and sculpt the cheeks effortlessly and allow you to boost your creativity.

For example, choose a pink blush on the eyes and blend it towards the cheeks. Then, switch to a terracotta blush to sculpt, bronze, and blush the cheeks all at once.
Complete Your Eye Look
Once you’re happy with your blushed eyeshadow look, you can complete the rest of your eye makeup. This will be a great time to add eyeliner, mascara, or false lashes. You may also complete the rest of your base or choose an accompanying lip color.