Curly-haired gal or not, all hair twists as it grows. The number of twists affects how curly your locks are: the more twists, the more curls. Today, curlies are faced with many curly hairstyles to choose from.  If you pick up any magazine, you are likely to find literally hundreds of different looks. Some are good, great and amazing. Others, not so much.MORE FROM NATURALLY CURLY: Curly hair product giveaways.Choosing a curly hairstyle that works for you in your lifestyle, and as an individual, is paramount. If you have children, and only have 5 minutes to get ready, it is probably best to choose a natural, wearable look that is quick to style or can dry naturally based on your hair texture, but at the same time is still chic and not frumpy. Then again, if you are a child-free and live the glamorous life each night on the town, then kicking it up a bit in the maintenance area and adding some time to your styling routine is no biggie.In walks Charlize Theron. Her simple curly hairstyle is ideal both for the sexy appeal and the relative ease in which it is attainable. Go on curlies of all ages and lifestyles, rock your curly bob!MORE FROM NATURALLY CURLY: Thousands of curly hairstyle pictures for inspiration.Charlize Theron’s Sexy, Curly Bob

  1. Shampoo the hair with a light shampoo that is not too oily or heavy, using a light onditioner on the ends.
  2. If your hair is naturally straight, you’ll need to blow dry the hair with a boar bristle brush. To ensure a smooth finish, run the brush from roots to ends with slight tension and follow with the blowdryer. I recommend choosing a great dryer to save time, such as the One Epic Nano Pro. Choose a size of brush that is on the bigger side as your style will be made straight
  3. Wrap hair around the barrel, using the Verge Curl Styx, with your fingers in a spiral pattern. Keep in mind that the more of a gap there is between each spiral, the softer and more natural the wave will be. The closer the hair is to itself in the spirals, the tighter the curl will be.
  4. For the Charlize look, you are better off to not be so perfect with each curl and do each one randomly and differently than the one before.
  5. Using your fingers, softly brush out your hair until you achieve the desired softness and style that is all you.

Whether your up for a night on the town, a trip to target or even a champagne and strawberry ride on your own jet, this look will deliver! Now you just have to get yourself to somehow channel your inner Charlize which is a two part formula – one part tiger, one part confidence, ROAR!MORE FROM NATURALLY CURLY: Learn about how to get other celebrities’ styles.