In the fashion world, there’s prêt-à-porter—clothing you pluck off the rack that’s, as the name implies, ready-to-wear—and then there’s haute couture. That last category is the most precise and exacting form, where garments are custom fitted and created around each customer’s unique physique.It’s truly the ultimate in luxury—provided you’re willing to shell out the big bucks for such privilege. So it’s not a big stretch for cosmetic companies to offer similar services with shades and textures that are custom-tailored to each woman’s needs. It comes at a premium for sure, but not one that’ll break the bank.MORE: The Best Blush For Your Skintone

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PrescriptivesYes, you heard that right. Prescriptives, the original custom makeup line that went belly up a few years ago and left many women wondering if they’d ever find replacements for their beloved Virtual Skin or Super Line Preventor, is back.But there’s a catch: It’s only offered online. So if you’ve recently run out of the Custom Blend Foundation you’d been stockpiling, simply book a session at, upload a photo, and you can set up a live video chat with a Prescriptives Beauty Genius to build the base of your dreams. You’ll talk texture, coverage, tone and finish, in addition to supercharging the formula with some skincare benefits like brightening, oil-controlling or firming. Two days later your recipe is emailed over and should you choose to order it, a short seven to 10 days later it arrives in your mailbox. Need to finesse the formula? No problem. Satisfaction is guaranteed; $65.MORE: The Science of Foundation

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Jamberry Nails

Jamberry NailsSo unless you’ve been living on another planet, it’s safe to assume you know that nail art is a thing. But should you lack the time, inclination or talent to turn those nail beds into convex canvases, there’s help in the form of nail wraps—pattered decals that are affixed to nails.Jamberry Nails, the Utah-based direct sell company, offers 275 different designs. Should those not meet your fancy, they’ll also customize the design. Simply upload an image (careful it’s not one that’s copyrighted), and six to 10 days later you’ll be sporting your custom creation; $25 per set.MORE: Tips For a Perfect At-Home ManiBite BeautyThis company made a name for itself by infusing its lipstick bullets with one of the latest antioxidants du jour—resveratrol. Not only did it invoke lots of wine imagery (resveratrol is found in wine), but these lipsticks were legit natural; the company even proclaimed they were “healthy enough to eat.”Next up: Their Soho, New York City-based boutique is giving clients the ability to mix, pour, paint and mold their own custom lipstick creations under the guidance of professional makeup artists. This Wonka-esque lab lets you call the shots: from the color, flavor and texture to its finish. For now, it’s limited to their NYC location, but it’ll roll out at select Sephora locations beginning in June; $28 each.MORE: The Best Bright Lips For Every Skintone