Amika Nourishing Mask conditions and repairs hair with its secret “wonder ingredient” Sea Buckthorn Berry (Obliphica) oil. I have thick curly hair that tends to get very dry, after shampooing, so I have been looking for a good conditioner to restore my hair’s shine for quite some time.

Amika Nourishing Hair Mask

Product: Amika: Nourishing Mask

Price: $40

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How It Looks, How It Feels: The mask feels like a thicker conditioner and has a squishy consistency. It comes in a colorful, pretty twist-off-top jar big enough to comfortably stick your hand in and scoop out a generous amount for application.

How To Use It: The mask can be used as a weekly treatment or an everyday deep conditioner to keep locks nourished and hydrated. After your regular shampoo and conditioning regimen, gratuitously apply the mask to damp hair, especially paying attention to the ends. Leave it in for three to five minutes to get the best results! Make sure to wash it all out with warm water.

Results: After just one use, my hair was noticeably shinier and stronger. My hair tends to shed a lot, but after using the mask, there was far less breakage than regularly. I was so excited by the results, that I recommended the hair mask to my mother (which I later regretted because she loved it so much and basically used it all). Amika Nourishing Mask is a must have deep-conditioner for anyone looking to revitalize and hydrate their locks. I received Amika Nourishing Mask as a sample, but I would definitely buy it for myself. I’ve already ordered another bottle for myself for when it runs out!