Photos by Jane Houle
Dirty Hair Style Idea: French Girl Texture
    1. Section hair from temple to temple and secure with clip.
    2. Working with sections just as wide as the flat iron you use (2-inch is ideal), clamp the flat iron around the section at mid shaft and drag the iron along the hair shaft and gently twist under. Wait a moment and release, but keep the iron at the same stopping point. Press the iron around the hair shaft again, drag a bit then twist up, release. Leave about 1.5 inches of length around the bottom for a naturally undone finish. Repeat this process on the entire head.
    3. Once the entire head has been treated with the flat iron, take sections of hair and mist with a texture spray, again lifting the sections away from the scalp and spraying 1 inch away from the scalp as the sections fall.
Jane Houle

Thank you Johnny Rackleff and Vanessa Alcala from Marie Robinson Salon for helping us create this cool dirty hairstyle!