In its latest effort to champion positive self-image and confidence in women, Dove launched a new campaign video today: Choose Beautiful. The messaging is based off Dove research that revealed 96% of women don’t the word “beautiful to describe how they look.

But the brand wants you to realize that feeling beautiful is truly your choice — one you can and should make every single day. The video shows women in five diffrent cities around the world making a choice about how they see themselves. Above the doorway they are about to enter, there are two paths: one that says “average” and one that says “beautiful.” The women look at the writing above each doorway, and make a conscious decision about which one to walk through.

After deciding, the women either justify their choices, or reveal that their choice really made them question themselves. It’s interesting to see how many women almost seem self-conscious about choosing “beautiful,” like they’re afraid or ashamed to boldly say they are beautiful. “Through the film, Dove hopes encourages women to reconsider the choices they make about their beauty,” the brand said in a statement. “Dove believes when a woman chooses beautiful, she radiates happiness and confidence that help her reach her full potential.

As part of the campaign, Dove is partnering with Women in the World, a summit that brings together impressive women leaders and advocates to lead discussions about emerging women’s issues. Through the summit, they hope to further inspire and motivate women to make better choices about beauty and self-esteem for a happier, more successful life.

Watch the film below, and remember: Only you have the ability to change the way you see yourself. You have the power to, every day, make the conscious choice that you are going to feel beautiful. It’s time we all start doing that.

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