When you’re in your 30’s, you’ve got so many things working in your favor. Usually, your career is taking off and you’re a lot more confident in yourself. But with all this success, many 30 year old’s slack in one area. They aren’t proactive about anti-aging.  The tricky thing about your 30’s is that many times you often still look youthful, but this is the time skin damage is accelerated. Here are old habits you should break to ensure you remain looking youthful as long as possible.


#1 – Get rid of inflammatory foods: The food you eat is the number 1 culprits of aging. If your daily intake consists of foods that cause inflammation, you’re accelerating the process of wrinkles. Foods that cause inflammation include: vegetable oil, red meat, white bread, sugary foods, and processed foods. Trade these foods for foods that are rich in nutrients. Fruits and vegetables that are abundant in zinc and vitamin C will speed up the production on collagen. More collagen equals firmer more youthful skin.

#2 – Increase production of Human Growth Hormone or HGH: Your body produces human froth hormone which works to maintain skin. As we get older, the body slows down on the natural production of HGH causing your skin to loosen and get thinner. Find products and supplements containing the HGH hormone.

#3 – Not enough sleep: When you’re young and ambitious, you tend to skip out on sleep, but this is not good for you. Not enough sleep has attributed to aging.

#4 – Make-up gone wrong: Are you using makeup that enhances your beauty or ages you? Often times, people end up looking much older than they are when they use make up. Skip out on heavy foundations and go for a lighter formula.

#5 – Alcohol: When you drink too much or engage in alcohol regularly, you dehydrate your skin and pollute it with toxins. The fewer toxins you put into your body the less work your liver has to do to clean you up.

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