Eye Makeup: Blue Eyes; Dark, Cool Skin; Light Hair

Complementary eye makeup colors—the colors that are opposite your eye color on the color wheel—will make your blue or gray eye color look most vivid. When considering your best colors related to your skintone, stick with shadows and liners that also have cool undertones (like your skin). These colors won’t have any yellow-ish or orange-y tones, or “warmth” in them, but will lean more towards an “icy” look or have hints of gray in them.

Five shades are expertly chosen to seamlessly blend together, and create looks ranging from natural to night-ready.

Swivel and line with this chocolate brown liner for defined eyes, or use the attached sponge to blend into a sheer shadow.

A velvet-matte chocolate, Bali blends beautifully in the crease, or can be applied more deeply on the lashline with a dampened angled brush.

Blended into the crease or outer corner of eyes, this burgundy-brown shade mirrors the gradation of a sunset.

Mature eyes with fine lines will especially appreciate this shadow’s matte finish and silky, blendable texture.

For a sultry smudge, sweep a stiff angled brush across shadow, and then line top and bottom lash lines with sheer coal color.

A foam applicator tip helps steady hands for a precise liquid line.

A wearable collection of earthy nudes, Becca’s universal palette enhances virtually every skin tone.

A built-in brush makes on-the-go application of this reflective pearl powder a breeze.

Sweep on as shadow for sheer highlight, or blend powder with a damp brush onto the back of your hand for intense wet pigment.