Eye Makeup: Blue Eyes; Light, Warm Skin; Light Hair

Complementary eye makeup colors—the colors that are opposite your eye color on the color wheel—will make your blue or gray eye color look most vivid. When considering your best colors related to your skintone, stick with shadows and liners that also have warm undertones (like your skin). These colors won’t have any cool gray or “iciness” in them, but will lean more towards a sunny look, or have hints of gold in them.

Vitamin E ensures a smooth application that won’t crack with dryness, while a waterproof formula will keep you lined all day.

Warm hues of chocolate brighten eyes, and a mini eye definer pencil liner in Rich Brown is included to finish your look.

Geller’s shadow pigments are baked for 24 hours in terracotta pans, which makes for a fine powder and velveteen finish that can be built up in layers.

Named for man’s best friend, an aloe and vitamin E-infused formula promises to stay loyal on lids.

While all four shades blend harmoniously together, you can also sweep just one shade over the entire lid on days you need to get out the door fast.

A mechanical base means you’ll never need a sharpener to score that perfect line.

A fleshy base shade both brightens and protects with SPF 15, while clearly labeled crease, accent and highlighter shades make application dummy-proof.

Both a shadow primer and eye brightener in one, this peachy beige corrects darkness and discoloration of lids.

Pearlescent pigment blends easily onto lids, and is so sheer, it requires little to no blending.

An Eyeshadow, highlighter, lipcolor and body shimmer all in one, use this moisturizing champagne stick wherever the mood strikes.