Eye Makeup: Brown Eyes; Medium, Cool Skin; Dark Hair

Complementary eye makeup colors—the colors that are opposite your eye color on the color wheel—will make your brown eye color look most vivid. When considering your best colors related to your skintone, stick with shadows and liners that also have cool undertones (like your skin). These colors won’t have any yellow-ish or orange-y tones, or “warmth” in them, but will lean more towards an “icy” look or have hints of gray in them.

The metallic glint of this bright blue liner is sure to draw your eyes wanted attention.

A sifter dispenser keeps loose powder in control, and the amount of product contained in this pot ensures you’ll be painted royal blue for a long time to come.

Spheres of jojoba oil and vitamin E are released upon contact with the liner, to keep the waterproof formula creamy and crack-free.

Amazonian clay balances skin, while beeswax provides a protective and waterproof barrier that is also known to naturally pump up collagen production.

A quad made of soft sheen, eye-brightening shades, this foursome will make your peepers pop.

This liquid-to-powder formula has a built-in primer that makes for lasting waterproof wear.

An Eyeshadow, highlighter, lipcolor and body shimmer all in one, use this moisturizing champagne stick wherever the mood strikes.

A mineral powder formula lifts and enlivens eyes, while keeping skin crease-free and glowing.

Micro-air technology allows for easy blending, and intensely pigmented powder stays true to shade.

This eye-brightening shade looks best blended on brow bone and the center of the lid.