Feeling like your brow game is a little weak? Then it’s time to flex those face-framers and whip them into shape. Here, Tonya Crooks—founder of The BrowGal and brow-groomer to the stars—gives her tips and tricks for getting brows that really “fit” your face.Getting Trim: Tips for trimming your brows“To begin, you want to brush your brows up in the direction of the hair growth. Using The BrowGal Eyebrow Scissors, cut just the tips of the longer hairs. You want to make sure to trim in the direction of the hair growth, brushing through while trimming. Remember: Less is more. You can always cut more later.”Getting In Shape: Tips for sculpting and tweezing your brows“There are three brow shapes that most fall into: a full arch like Megan Fox, a subtler arc like Fergie or a straighter brow like Natalie Portman. Many brow artists will try to create an arch when you don’t naturally have one. I say work with what you have and get the best shape out of it. If you’re not quite sure what your shape is (because you have plucked and tweezed them into something unrecognizable), look at a picture of yourself from when you were young. This will tell you your natural shape.“For tweezing, use tweezers with a sharp, slanted, elongated tip for best results. This design keeps you from piercing and breaking the hair. You want to remove one hair at a time, plucking it out in the direction of the hair growth. Less is also more with tweezing. Take your time and don’t tweeze in clumps!” Try the slanted Japonesque Artisan Tweezer.Toning Up: Tips for filling in and setting your brows“First, make sure your brow pencil is freshly sharpened. A sharp point creates perfect hair-like strokes. Fill in the brows starting at the inside, bottom corner and working your way out along the edge. Repeat on top, filling in where you need extra coverage. (This is also how you will find your opportunities for hair growth.) Your brows should start directly parallel from each side of your nose. If you imagine a line that goes from the outer corner of your nose and extends past the outer corner of your eye, that is where they should end.“For setting the brows, you want to make sure to use a gel that doesn’t clump or leave that flaky look. A waterproof formula is ideal: From a night out dancing to hot yoga or even swimming, it will keep brows in place. After filling in your brows, brush it through the brows to keep your shape all day.” We like The BrowGal Eyebrow Gel.Accentuating Your Curves: Tips for highlighting your brows“Using The BrowGal Highlighting Pencil, apply the matte side about a millimeter under where you drew the bottom Eyebrow Pencil line. Blend with a brush or finger. Then apply the shimmer side on top of the matte for a “Hollywood” glow. You can also apply matte or shimmer side individually—and use them to conceal new or existing hair growth in between tweezing.”