Best brows for heart-shaped and round heart faces

Thin and high-arched brows aren’t always the ideal—it depends on your face shape. Heart-shaped faces look best with fuller brows with a medium arch, celebrity brow expert Anastasia Soare says, which looks young and polished.

Best brows for square and long square faces

A high arch can be overpowering. Instead, moderately thick brows with a subtle arch will look better. The goal is to make the forehead space look wider than it is, says Soare, which will help to balance out the proportions of a square face.A too-high arch will draw the eye up instead of out.

Best brows for round and round square faces

Round-faced beauties have a bit of flexibility when it comes to their brows. A slim medium arch is the ideal shape because it thins out the face, says Soare, but how skinny you want to go is up to you entirely.

If you love your round face, experiment with the thickness of your brow to find your own preference.

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Best brows for oval faces

Congrats to you, oval-faced beauty—you can flaunt that coveted high eyebrow shape like a pro. Thinner high arches are “an attention-grabbing power brow” for oval faces, says Soare, because it suits the proportions of the face.

Best brows for long and long heart faces

Long faces look regal and elegant, but brows that are too arched or curvy can make you look perma-surprised. A straight, medium thick brow with a very subtle arch suits a long face by drawing the attention outward instead of up and down.

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