High, rounded cheekbones, an elongated jawline and an elevated forehead are all hallmarks of the slender look that is the long heart face shape. Unlike traditionally long shapes, the heart-like arches of your cheekbones draw attention to the area that you’ll most want to accentuate with makeup—the center of your face.

Face: The simplest way to instantly bring the center into focus is to blend a flat contour shade one or two colors deeper than your skintone down the bridge of the nose. This adds depth to the face, much like an artist sketching a picture.

Eyes:Another trick to draw the eyes to the center of your face is to lengthen lashes. “When applying mascara, really focus on the center of the eye arch,” says celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern. “You can build up more coats there. I even love to throw a couple of individual lashes on the center of the eye, it adds a third dimension,” she adds.

Cheeks:The apples of the cheeks are one of the most beautiful features of a heart-shaped face, and blending a pink or peachy pink cream blush into this spot will instantly warm the complexion and give you an enviable glow.

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