When it comes to makeup and skincare, where did you learn most of your knowledge? Was it your mom? Maybe your grandmother? Or maybe teenagers on YouTube? Well, no matter where you get your information, some beauty myths seem to have gone down in history but are less than accurate. And unfortunately, some of us still live by these long followed beauty claims. So today, we will debunk the beauty myths that can do you more harm than good.

Makeup Causes Acne – FALSE
Yes, the wrong makeup can cause breakouts. Poor quality ingredients and products you happen to be allergic or sensitive to can all cause issues. But if you use the right products for your skin, makeup should not cause pimples. But not washing off your makeup before bed is what can and does cause acne. So as long as you wash your face nightly, you can feel confident wearing full-on glam daily without fear of extra spots. And next time someone tries to tell you that your makeup is causing zits, you can relax knowing it is not your perfect coverage and sharp contour clogging your pores.

You Can Mend Split Ends With Product – FALSE
When it comes to those dreaded split ends that we all seem to get, there are balms, masks, and even oils that can temporarily seal split ends, but a thorough trim is the only way to treat them. There are ways to prevent split ends like using a heat protectant, being gentle when brushing your hair, and simply caring for it properly. But once those ends split, there is no magical way to heal them. As we said, products can reduce their appearance and make them feel softer for the time being, but only a trim will genuinely get rid of them.

The Sun Clears Acne – FALSE
This may be the most dangerous of all the myths on this list. It is repeated time and time again but should make you cringe and worry every time. Yes, when you layout on the beach, the sun seems to dry out your oils and therefore lessen your breakouts. But what appears is not always what is happening. When you tan, your skin darkens, which makes breakouts and spots look less noticeable. But in reality, the harmful UV rays are causing severe scarring, unseen age spots, and dehydration. This damage may look like the smooth and bronze skin of a goddess for now, but all of that sun will damage your skin irreparably. From wrinkles to sunspots, leathery skin, and skin cancer, avoiding the sun is always the best option, acne or not. Oh, and if you think you get freckles in the summer, think again. Those freckles that only show up when you have been in the sun are not freckles. Instead, they are sunspots showing skin damaged by the effects of the sun. So stick with an SPF and break up from the sun.

Oily Skin Should Only Use Oil-free Products – FALSE
I would love to think you already know this one, but in case you don’t, oily skin and oil-free products are not always perfect partners. Certain oils especially cleansing oils and moisturizers with oil, can help balance and nourish oily skin. Using oils on oily skin better absorbs and prevents it from overproducing oils and causing breakouts. Constantly using oil-free products can strip the skin of its natural oils and make it produce more oil. It is sort of like how washing your hair every day can make your roots more greasy. If you have crazy oily skin, opt for beauty products with oils at night and oil control ones during the day.

Skincare Will Show Results In 2 Weeks – FALSE
Although it is possible to see skincare results taking effect soon after trying something new, in most cases, it takes a full 6-8 weeks to see any benefits. When you treat acne, there can often be a purge period where your skin gets worse before it gets better. This can make you think that a product is causing you to break out when it is working how it should be. When it comes to skincare, the golden rule is patience. In such an immediate and technical world, we expect everything right now, but we have to take our time with skincare. The same goes for treating wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and other issues. You have to give your beauty products a chance before giving upon them.

The More Products The Better – FALSE
When you don’t see the results you want from skincare, it can be tempting to pile on everything, hoping to see a change. But when you get out of hand with beauty products, nothing works. Loading on multiple treatments or serums can cause products to counteract each other, not to mention irritate your skin. Keep it simple and use what works. Too much product of any type can throw your skin out of whack. So if you are trying a bunch of stuff at once, pull back the reins and stick with cleansing, toning, treating, and moisturizing. And be sure to let each product absorb into the skin before applying the next one. If you have three serums, split them up and use them when your skin needs their help, not all at once. And if you have acne, you do not need all the treatments. Stick with one or two acne-fighting products with similar ingredients and let them do their job.

Natural Is Always Better – FALSE
There is such a surge in the beauty world right now to reach for natural products. And nine times out of ten, it is the best bet. Natural products tend to have fewer ingredients, fewer chemicals, and are gentler. But many people have allergies to commonly used ingredients like tree nuts, beeswax, or soy. And an allergy can cause a severe reaction, worse than anything your average products may cause. So even if a product claims to be all-natural, that does not necessarily mean it is perfect for you and your skin. Before using any new skincare products, always look at the ingredients list and do a patch test to ensure you are free from any reactions.

Did you know these beauty myths were false? Which ones shocked you?