Early this year, former “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham posted pictures of her allergic reaction to lip injections on Twitter with a cry for help from “Botched.” On this Sunday’s episode of the SOS plastic surgery show, she explains to Dr. Dubrow just how she ended up with lips that so swollen her boyfriend “thought they might pop” in the first place.

“He kept injecting whatever he was injecting me with,” says Farrah of her messed-up surgery, “My lip was blocking my nose.” Her doctor – who she says was laughing at her as she started to swell – used a numbing medication that caused her intense allergic reaction.

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Dr. Dubrow gives the “serial filler” a reality check: “That swelling could have gone into your tongue, the back of your throat, and basically chocked you to death.”

A normal, human lip won’t cut it for Farrah: “I honestly am not going to be happy with my lip when it goes all the way flat again,” she complains to Dr. Dubrow before giving us a reality check of her own. “Because of being on TV and social media, my job is to look my best for others.”

So will Farrah get more filler? “Practice is making it perfect,” she says. As for the rest of us who want fuller lips, please ask your doctor what exactly s/he’s pumping into your lips, just in case you may be allergic.

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