Creating a more equitable world is something we all benefit from; when women can start and run successful businesses, not only are they and their families able to benefit, but our entire economy and everyone in it wins too. If you’re a believer that women deserve more room at the table of business, one of the best ways to make that belief a reality is by seeking out women-owned and led businesses to lend your support to. We do so much shopping and each of those dollars has the opportunity to pave the way for a world where more women are in business.

We know you love beauty and wellness, so we’ve gathered up some women who founded and lead amazing brands making unique products in this industry.

Hello Cup
Do you care about women’s empowerment and the protection of our environment? This female-founded company will be your next favorite (it’s certainly ours). Best friends and self-titled girl bosses Robyn McLean and Mary Bond founded Hello Cup to help stop the disposal of 45 billion tampons and single-use sanitary pads into landfills each year. Not enough goodness? The brand also donates a hefty 10% of their profits for every Hello Clams Cup to a non-profit that’s using education to uplift girls and communities. Can we buy 30?

Do you ever get tired of putting together a rag-tag group of personal care products that makes your bathroom look like the sales bin at a drugstore? We get it and so does Brianne West, the founder and CEO of Ethique, a brand whose packaging is almost as chic as it is….ethique. Brianne started a personal care brand that has more ethical labels than Meryl Streep has Oscars, from cruelty-free, plastic-free, plant-based, to even palm-oil free. Honestly, an Ethique shampoo bar is probably more ethical than any of us on a Friday night.

These brands are both led by their CEO, Jamie Glassman, who oversaw the launch of One Click Beauty, a brand that’s like a Reese’s — all the good stuff is centered, from body positivity to self-confidence. Not only does this brand believe in using their platform to promote strong values, but they’re also working to deliver self-care packages to front line medical workers.

The only question left now is how many awesome, female-owned and led businesses can one person support? My bank account will report back soon.