Is frizz putting a damper on your day? During this very humid time of year, it’s nearly impossible to leave the house without finding yourself with a messy mop on your head, no matter how meticulous your prepping routine is. We called in the help of an expert, stylist Tim Dueñas from Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood, California, to help you survive humidity in a pinch when you’ve only got a few extra minutes to add to your routine. Here’s what he had to say!

1. Start in the shower. “When dealing with frizz, it is always best to start your prep in the shower. The proper shampoo and conditioner choice is really an important first step that is often overlooked. Moisture, not oil/silicone, is the best starting defense against frizz. Begin with a and . Then there are two choices, air dry or blow dry. In these hot summer months the air dry method is preferred.”

2. Whip out the leave-in product. “Whether you air dry or blowout, the product choice is the same. After the shower, towel dry well. Then start by using a . Spray evenly throughout the hair.”

3. Moisturize. “Next, use a moisturizing cream/blowout lotion. Apply enough product to look like it is controlling the hair. Remember, frizzy wet equals frizzy dry.”

4. It’s all about the hold. “Follow the blowout cream with a hold product such as a volumizing mousse. The hold in the mousse will help the hair dry and not let any of the moisture escape. Work moderate amounts of the mousse through your hair, starting on the ends and working into the regrowth area. Same rule applies. Use enough product to look like the hair is being controlled and is ‘locking up’ or bonding together like noodles. If air drying, this is your last step!”

5. Blow it out. “If blow drying, go ahead and start your blow out as usual. A light hairspray can help maintain your humidity-resistant locks.”

If you’re on the go and ultra short on time, try a quick solution like Frizzy Logic Shine Serum, Dove Quench Absolute Crème Serum, or Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Sheets!

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