Whether you’re hitting the beach, a music festival, or only planning a picnic with the girls in the park, your hair needs a little extra thought in the heat. The possibilities are endless, but depending on your hair type, you might need to enlist more than a few accessories to keep the mane tame.
If you’re doing fun summer-time activities, you’ll also need to think about how your hair will react to sweat in addition to heat. And that salt air! Depending on where you’re going, your hair responds differently to humidity. We’ve rounded up five hairstyles that have the most versatility no matter what the condition, so you can enjoy the surroundings and not worry about what the pics are going to look like later.
1. Braids have your back no matter what. Consider an updo with braids for ultimate staying power. Cornrows are a great option to keep the head cooler during a heatwave.
2. Double buns with a few braids for holding power. Your neck gets a chance to breathe in the breeze and no sweat to mat your hair to your neck! Double win.
3. Keep your ponytail together with several rubber bands down to create a faux pony-braid. You can accessorize with funky ribbons or clip-ins on the way down!
4. Use a silk scarf to tie up your hair! The simple accessory will elevate your look and keep your hair tame.