Acne is incredibly common. There is no arguing that fact. But, does it run in families? If so, how is genetic acne measured, discovered, or treated?

You can fight acne caused by bacteria or hormones with specific treatments, but can it be fought or cured when passed down from generation to generation?

Well, there is no acne gene. Yes, if one or both of your parents had acne, you are at a greater risk for it, but isn’t that a little generalized?

Essentially, your likelihood to have acne through genetics is more about your immunity than just having acne in general. Your genes impact your body’s ability to combat acne bacteria. If your body doesn’t fight this bacteria well, it leads to higher oil production, therefore, more acne.

Your genes also affect acne caused by hormones. For example, if your mom had pre-period acne, you are more likely to as well.

If you are predisposed to have acne by something out of your control, how do you deal with it?

But, before you go and blame your rents for struggling with pimples, remember that acne has many causes. Plus, there are so many treatments for it.

You know that everything from your diet to environment, the makeup you wear, and more impacts your skin. Sure, you may have bad luck. Maybe your parents had acne, and so do you, but your siblings have crystal clear skin. It is unfair, but you can treat it.

There isn’t a cure-all for genetic acne or any type of acne. But, using the proper care and routine can improve acne caused by anything.

Use a gentle cleanser both morning and night. Reach for products that claim to be non-comedogenic and try not to touch your face, as this spread bacteria whether introduced from your environment or not.

Eating less processed foods can also help improve your skin. There are endless tips that can improve your skin, but the best way to treat unwanted acne is with the help of a professional.

A dermatologist can help you find the right products for your skin or the proper medications. It will always take time and patience to clear up acne, but you have the best odds with the help of a professional.

Too much guessing and trial and error with store-bought products can damage the skin or lead to more breakouts and irritation.

Whether your acne is genetic, hormonal, or brought on from external stressors, you can deal with it.