In a market that’s flooded with millions of skincare and beauty products, its pleasantly refreshing to find a product that’s simple and authentic.

Which brings me to my next gift recommendation, the Akari Gold Massager by TATCHA. This is a beautiful gold leaf tool inspired by Japanese acupressure that works to release tension and detoxify the lymphatic system.

This luxury skincare item inspired by ancient beauty rituals looks high end and regal and can be used daily to awaken skin.

It can be used either heated or cooled. Just move it in upward strokes around your face and eyes.

Where did this come from? During a trip to Koyo, the founder of the company experienced a rare encounter with a modern day Geisha where she discovered ancient beauty regimens still being used there today. After careful study, she took her findings back to a lab where she created products around the Geisha beauty philosophy- less is more.

If you’re comfortable with the $195 price tag, you’ll see right away that this small exotic gift is well worth it.
Who is this ideal for?
It’s perfect for all skin types, including:

  • Someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or any at all.
  • Someone who wears a considerable amount of makeup.
  • Someone with acne prone skin.
  • Someone with dry skin.
  • Someone with oily skin.
  • Someone with normal to combination skin.

Those who have bought it in the past use it as a part of their daily skincare rituals. Use whenever you need a moment to soothe and refresh.

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