It’s easy to go back to the same manicure color you know works for you, but sometimes you feel like spicing things up yet don’t want to end up with a manicure that’s so spicy it’s inedible. If you’re looking for some nail color inspiration for your next manicure, we’ve got some cute ideas for color combos that will give you the change you crave without the risk.

Fall Sky Feels — Color Combo: Light beige, dark gray and burgundy

This is the color combo you go to for a moodier manicure. The dark gray and beige are neutral enough to go with almost any outfit but the burgundy steps in to add some edge and interest.

Sweet then Sour — Color combo: Dusty pink and ripe cherry

This manicure color combo is especially perfect because you get to enjoy the dainty pink while still having the dramatic dark cherry color to add a layer of depth. This is a great combo for any season, but especially if you want to go for something out of the typical color scheme for summer.

Summer Ice Cream — Color combo: Off-white, lemon, and dark red

If you’re looking for a manicure color combo that doesn’t just say summer, it screams summer; this is the combo for you. The white tones down the intensity of the lemon and dark red, which work together to evoke a strawberry-lemonade palette that is sweet and very summer.

Kawaii Color — Color combo: Deep brown and lavender

At first, this might seem like a crazy color scheme, but that slight weirdness is what makes it so kawaii. The lavender set against the deep brown is the perfect mixture of cute and edgy. These colors are perfectly coordinated together as they amplify each other’s hues.

Sea Sailor — Color combo: Navy blue, cobalt, nude

This is a monochromatic color combo that makes the perfect manicure for when you want to experiment and have an innovative look but still want to keep your manicure classy enough to exudes professionalism. The navy and cobalt blue work together to add eye-catching depth to this color combo while the nude color makes them stand out even more.

Tropical Smoothie — Color combo: Mango yellow and almond tan

This color combo is so good at satisfying it can almost make you hungry. Yellow and orange tones can be hard to work into a manicure but are always tempting. With the neutrality of the almond-tan color, you’ll be able to rock yellow like never before.