Guess the Celebrity Face Shape

Do you think you know your face shape science?

Test your beauty geometry know-how on the familiar faces of these celebrities! And keep an eye out for the ways they use hair and makeup to play up their structural strengths.

(Tip: There are nine possible face shapes: Oval, Round, Heart, Square, Long, Rounded Heart, Rounded Square, Long Heart, and Long Square.)

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There are 52 muscles in the human face, and an actress like Carey Mulligan has the right classically shaped face to use all of them without messing with her even proportions.  Bet you can calculate her face shape with just a glance.

With equally-sized forehead, cheeks, chin and face height, Mulligan has an Oval face shape.  Brave hairstyles are one thing Oval face shapes don’t have to fear.  Mulligan accents her even features with a sleek and chic pixie.

2Rounded Heart

Don’t be fooled by the bold makeup and brow choices Ashley Olsen makes to offset her sweet face shape.

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There’s just no hiding the cuteness of Olsen’s  Rounded Heart  face shape!  We remember a younger version of that shape being perfect for her childhood roles.

3Long Heart

Since her name comes from the Latin angelicus (meaning “angelic”), the sweet and innocent face shape Angela Basset shows the world is fitting.  What is it?  (Tip: Don’t be thrown off by her bangs, they disguise a taller forehead than one might think.)

If her tapered chin and wide forehead didn’t give it away, the apples of her cheeks would… Basset has a  Long  Heart  Shaped Face.

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The drama and glamour of this face shape is perfectly clear in Angelina Jolie.  Jolie regally rocks which face shape as she goes about all the different aspects of her life?

Her face height from chin to hairline is taller than even the widest parts of her jaw and strong cheekbones.  Jolie has a Long face shape.


Pointy-chinned and queen of the feel-good romcom, Witherspoon is the poster-child for which face shape?

Her broad forehead and cheeks taper to her iconic chin, putting Witherspoon’s sweet features squarely in the  Heart category.


Beyonce, one of the richest women under 35 in the world, has a face shape known for allure.  Can you tell which shape?

Her cheeks are wider than her jawline and her face (when she’s not laughing) is shorter than it is wide, putting her in the  Round shaped face category.

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Courtney Cox trims her expressive face with dark, flowing locks.  What shape frames her versatile physiognomy?

Cox’s face shape is Long.

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Her cheeks may be curvy, but the sweep of her hair offsets a decidedly strong jawline. Which face shape is Emily Deschanel’s?

It’s tough to miss a chiseled jaw and cheekbones like Deschanel’s.  Her fresh and smooth hair and makeup soften the tough angles of her Square  face shape and blend for a gorgeous eye-catching mein.

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Kate Middleton has the right quintessentially classic beauty to fit into a family of royalty,  thanks to which face shape?

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Middleton bears an even, elegant Oval face shape.


Thinking back over Jamie Lee Curtis’s career, we’ve seen her beautifully pull off a wide variety of hairstyles for different types of film roles.  What face shape has allowed her this freedom?

Jamie Lee Curtis has an elegant Oval  face shape, and she shows it off with a short cut and subtle glowing makeup.

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Halle Berry shows she knows how to complement her face’s alluring curves with a short angular cut. Which shape matches her lines best?

Halle Berry’s as Heart-Shaped as a straw-Berry!


Iman also knows how best to flatter her bone structure and feature formation, with long flowing layers.  What shape is she showing off?

Long face shapes like Iman’s call for extra length in the hair to balance their ratios.  Long tresses shorten the appearance of the face to even things out perceptually.

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Rather than offset or disguise her face’s natural geometry, Katie Couric has a hairstyle that parallels and frames it beautifully.  Can you measure and place it?

With more width than height and with cheerful curved structure, Couric is a lovely Round face shape.

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14Rounded Square

Soft locks, soft makeup, and a soft voice complement the strength of Lucy Liu’s bone structure.  What is her face shape?

The combination of a delicate but pronounced jawline and just slightly wider at the cheekline than at her jawline, Liu has a Rounded Square face shape.

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Mila Kunis, approaching 28, has a face shape that partially explains why she looks so young. This face shape is known for looking youthful and cheerful. What is it?

Round.  Round face shapes paired with classic styles make for an ageless celeb look like Kunis’s.

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Liv Tyler’s face has opened her up to many regal, strong, and graceful roles and modeling gigs.  Which shape is it?

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The width of Liv Tyler’s face is smaller than its length, fitting her calm countenance in the Long  category.

17Rounded Square

Mo’Nique’s face shape might be a little harder to discern, in part because of the gorgeous apples her cheeks become when she smiles (see the beauty benefits of smiling).  But can you figure out her shape?

Those apples put the round in her Rounded Square face shape. An angled jawline and clear lines offset the flowing locks and soft eyes that make her so approachable.

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Renowned actress Meryl Streep certainly knows how to use her face’s elegant, graceful lines.  Can you eye her shape?

With her high forehead and more height than width in her facial structure, Streep has a Long face shape. She plays up the strength of this shape with nuances in blush and lip color.

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19Long Square

With sultry locks, Olivia Wilde lends a flirtiness to her face shape that belies any accusation that she can’t have fun.

Wilde’s face shape is Long Square. Did you guess right?


We may not always approve of the health merits of Paula Deen’s cooking, but we do love her beauty know-how. What face shape does her splashy coiffure enhance?

Paula Deen’s face shape is Round and, combined with her careful makeup choices, gives her cheerful smile a gorgeous place to shine.

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Penelope Cruz gives us a polar contrast between her hairstyle and face shape, and she pulls it off stunningly. Which shape frames her dramatic features?

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Penelope is a surprising Round face shape. She offsets her facial curves countours with fierce precision length.


With her healthy glow and well-known smile, Oprah has the most common and most envied face shape. What is it?

Even across the forehead, cheeks, chin and all the way around, Oprah has an Oval face shape.


Queen Latifah gives us another instance when an updo can balance the proportions and dress up this young-looking face shape. What is her beauty geometry?

Queen Latifah has a classy, cheerful Round face shape.

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24Long Square

Long, daring layers partially disguise Raven Simone’s facial perimeter, but if you’ve learned your stuff, you’ll still be able to tell what her face is telling you.

Equal forehead, cheekbone and jawline width; defined jaw; high forehead. That’s so Long Square shaped. And her angled brows and curvaceous cut modulate that shape perfectly.


Carrie Underwood uses dramatic and fluid bangs to disguise her face shape, rather than highlighting it. Do you think you can still assess this star’s best asset?

Don’t be fooled by her hidden forehead—Underwood has a Long face shape under those wide tresses.


Rihanna sports a bob here with swirling, light, tapered texture. But the bright color mirrors the boldness of her face shape. Which shape?

With a strong jawline and evenly-proportioned cheekbones, Rihanna shows the tenacity of her Square face shape.

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Selma Hayek’s even proportions make her subtle makeup and classy updo right on target. What shape does this star’s mug resemble?

Evenly proportioned forehead, width, length… Hayek has a classic Oval face shape.

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28Rounded Heart

Zooey Deschanel’s long locks and wide eyes highlight the playfulness associated with her face shape… which is?

Not quite as angular around the chin and jaw as other hearts, Deschanel’s shape is Rounded Heart.

29Long Heart

She may play severe in “Grey’s Anatomy,” but Sandra Oh’s face shape is more flirty and fun. What shape is she?

Her rounded tapering jawline and tall forehead make Oh’s face a Long Heart.


With a face so well-proportioned and even, the sweep of this comedienne’s hair makes for a pleasing symmetry. Can you guess the shape of Tina Fey’s face?

Tina Fey has a mature and versatile Oval face shape.