Hairstyles for Fall 2018 say a final farewell to trends that have been going so strong they’ve finally worn out their welcome: ombré and platinum blonde colors. Expert stylists say natural is the most modern look now in both hair shades that seem sun-kissed and cuts that abandon super-shattered pieces in favor of soft, blunt lines and natural waves. A cool breeze is blowing in fresh looks just in time for Fall, and change is in the air.

Color for Blondes ad Brunettes Goes Super Natural

Blondes are going for a more natural color that utilizes their natural base and accents with some low lights. Bye bye platinum! The new hue is a golden, honey-toned shade with more dimension. Natural is the color favored by brunettes, too, as ombré is so over. Join your blonde sisters in looking for a sun-kissed look. Forget about making the lengths of hair lighter but add warmth from root to tip.

Bobs Are Blunt and Angled

Longer pieces in front and a slight angle moves the bob away from soccer mom status and into the fresh and modern. Think Taraji P. Henson and Margot Robbie. The soft, blunt line is stronger and bolder and the opposite of a super piece-y, shattered, layered look. Model your long bob on Nina Dobrev’s style.

The New Long Cut

Say farewell again to wispy, piece-y ends if you’re rocking long hair. The newest long haircuts will focus more on a clean line and structure. Look at Jennifer Garner’s haircut with plenty of length and locks that are strong, shiny, and healthy. Garner is the epitome of the dream girl look we saw on the New York runways. Her shiny hair showcases healthy tips and a flawless though barely noticeable blow-out.

Another clear trend across catwalks was natural textures with loose, wavy locks. The minimalist approach reflects the girl-next-door and her minimalist approach.

Bangs Are Back.

This season the wispy, curtain bang is perfect for the woman who doesn’t want to lose length. Look to Camila Cabello for her side-swept, Brigitte Bardot-like fringe style. Curtain bangs are not a huge commitment for those looking for just a little bit of change. Try it and if you don’t like it, you can grow this chop back out within a month.

So Are the 1960s and the 1980s.

The 1960s revival on this season’s catwalks ranged from a lady-like blowout à la Jackie Kennedy to voluminous crimps and pop-art neon bobs. If the 1960s are too ladylike for your hairstyle tastes, designers returned in a big way to the rebellious, alternative looks of the 1980s. Choose from a big blow-out or a punky asymmetric pixie cut.

Have Fun with Accessories.

The return of hair accessories is on the horizon. Barrettes and logoed hair slides are definite trends.