The many things we do to make our hair look good can often damage it.Many of us treat shampoo like toothpaste for our heads, using it every day. Some lucky people have just as much body and shine without shampooing each day and enjoy taking a break from using extra chemicals on their hair.But if shampooing is your daily Zen moment, its calming effects will do more for you than the hair-stripping effects. We can’t argue with daily shampoos, but remember you can also treat hair to conditioner only, without shampooing first.As far as artificially coloring your hair, it’s the equivalent to the artificial color in your food. While bleaching and coloring your hair may make it look good, it’s not always the healthiest thing you can do.QUIZ: How Healthy is Your Hair?Chemicals that were once used in black hair dye caused bladder cancer! There are still some rumors that black hair dye can cause leukemia and lymphoma. Temporary hair dyes are safer than permanent ones. Bleaching or lightening your hair with peroxide will likely run up your salon bill if you end up trying to repair damaged strands.Here’s why: The pigment in your hair comes from the inner two layers. With bleach, you damage the shingles (or cuticle) that create the covering of your hair shaft. The dye slips through the gaps in the cuticle and swells to give your hair a different color. The prior or current damage the bleach caused eventually allows the dye to slip out of the hair. You end up losing the full body of the hair faster than if you kept your natural color.MORE: Hair Color and Your SkintonePeople who pull their hair out may suffer from a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Trichotillomania is the name of this habit. It happens because the person is constantly searching for the perfect “pull.”Some people find that playing with a rubber band helps keep them from fiddling with their follicles. You can also wear gloves at night or seek addiction coping strategies from your doc.