From the loins of We Tried It comes He Tried It, a new column where the women of YouBeauty give a male friend/coworker one of our beauty products and make him report back after using it for a week. Name / Profession:Adam James Gallo, Health CoachProduct:boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask ($34)What are your expectations for using a face mask?I wasactually pretty excited to give boscia Luminizing Mask a go. I’d seen boscia products in the shower, because my girlfriend uses them.


   Day One:General impressions: how is the usability? Were you able to use it yourself or did you need help from a friend/Google? Do you notice any results in the product?

This was cool, because it was a mask you put on your face that you subsequently peel off. I loved peeling Elmer’s glue off of my hand in school, so this just seemed like a natural next step. Good clean fun. And clean it was. I used the included charcoal scrubber to clean my face with the pre-mask scrub and then applied the mask. It was amazing because I looked like Batman. When the mask dried, I was able to peel the whole thing off in two pieces, and was amazed at all of the dead skin it took with it.


 Day Three:Notice any results? Is it any easier to use? At the end of each application, it left my skin feeling smoother, cleaner, and younger each time. My face skin felt amazing. Also I got to look like Batman … And got to peel something off my face.


 Day Seven:Will you continue to use this? Would you buy it? Did it feel ‘feminine’ to use it? It’s not something I would do regularly. Its definitely something I could see my girlfriend using semi-regularly. Or something we would use on spa night. [Editor’s Note: You two have a “spa night”? That’s adorable!]

Tell us something else about your week with this product.Did I mention I looked like Batman?Related Articles:

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