If you’re a beauty lover, you’ve undoubtedly heard of chemical peels. The name in itself is terrifying. I mean, it’s a peel for your skin made out of chemicals- does anything about that sound relaxing?

Although the name might be intimidating, chemical peels can prove serious results. Chemicals peels are useful for curing acne, reducing lines, building collagen, and improving the overall texture of your skin. The acids used to cause your skin to shed while the ingredients work their magic on your face. From hyperpigmentation to wrinkles, chemical peels are used for a variety of purposes. But there are a few things you should keep in mind before getting one done, as they’re not for everyone. So before you book your appointment, make sure you know what you’re signing up for:

Make sure you get the correct peel for your skin type

We all have different skin types, so it’s essential to get the correct peel for you. If you have sensitive skin, opt for a peel with TCA (trichloroacetic acid) and lactic acids. If you have acne, choose a peel with lactic and salicylic acids. If you have hyperpigmentation, go for either TCA or lactic acids in your peel. But regardless, always check with your esthetician beforehand.

Prep is key

Before you actually go in for the peel, it’s essential to prep your skin. That means making sure your skin is healthy going into it by using the correct products for your skin type. Before the peel, avoid waxing or laser hair removal. Also, stop using topical prescription treatments two or three days before the procedure.

You might need more than one peel

Going in once might be nerve-racking, but it’s essential to know that there’s a chance you have to go in for more than one peel. Depending on your skin type, goal results, and skin conditions, the number of peels you need will vary.

Use the correct aftercare

Post-peel treatment is just as crucial as prep. It’s important to make sure your skin stays calm and hydrated after a chemical peel. Your skin will probably peel post-treatment, so use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer that won’t irritate your skin further. Make sure you let your skin peel naturally and avoid picking.