Makeup means something different to everyone. To some people, it’s a passion. To others, it’s a necessity. Some people do the same quick makeup routine every morning, while others find joy in trying out new products and looks. But above all else, makeup should be used as a way to enhance our inner beauty and make us feel confident.

Regardless of your intentions with makeup, it’s important to use makeup that not only makes you feel good but is actually good for you. That means using makeup that’s free from parabens, alcohol, perfume, oil, and more. That means using makeup that’s sustainable and cruelty-free.

But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice price and quality for clean makeup. They should all go hand in hand. And that is where CATRICE Cosmetics comes in.

CATRICE Cosmetics is the definition of clean beauty, delivering high-quality products at affordable prices. With CATRICE, you don’t have to sacrifice price and quality for clean makeup.

I recently had the pleasure of hearing all about CATRICE Cosmetics and their dedication to cleaner standards in discussion with celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek and model/activist Iskra Lawrence. I even got the opportunity to try out their new Clean ID Hydro BB Cream, which is the definition of enhancing your inner beauty with makeup. Robert and Iskra talked about CATRICE Cosmetics products and how it works for their lifestyle. At the same time, Iskra did her makeup with various products.

The Clean ID Hydro BB Cream is made with Shea butter, so it’s light on your skin and won’t cake up. It’s a light to medium coverage, but it is easily buildable. And according to Robert, the best part of it is that it’s a skin treatment and BB cream.

I’m personally a huge fan of light foundation and BB creams, as I like my skin with makeup to still look and feel like skin. And the Clean ID Hydro BB Cream does just that. It seamlessly glides onto your face and into creases, but it’s non-comedogenic and 99% natural, so it won’t clog your pores.

Following the BB cream application, Iskra followed with the Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer, which blends beautifully into the skin with just your finger. She then used the Sungasm Luminizing Bronzer, which gives you that “fresh off the beach” look and followed with the Sungasm Face & Body Highlighter, which is the perfect amount of glow. Robert even recommended wetting a beauty sponge to blend the highlight in, to make the glow truly look natural.

Iskra finished the look with a swipe of the Hemp & Mint Glow Lip Balm and a spritz of the Prime & Fine Dewy Glow Finishing Spray to lock in the look and give it a final dewy touch.

The finished product left Iskra looking more beautiful and glowy than I thought possible. Iskra herself said it’s the perfect quick makeup routine that still leaves her feeling confident.

And the best part of CATRICE Cosmetics? It’s insanely affordable. All of the products Iskra used are under $15, but the quality is so good that you can’t even tell it’s that affordable. CATRICE Cosmetics is dedicated to creating affordable, high quality, and clean beauty products that work for everyone. They will be launching in Ulta over the next two weeks and are currently available on

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice cost and quality for clean beauty products, and with CATRICE Cosmetics, you won’t have to.