Singer and performer Halsey is no stranger to the beauty industry. She’s recently launched About Face Beauty which entices you to play with your creative side. You can choose from various soul-speaking products like vivid matte creams and holographic highlighters.

While most of us may be familiar with celebrity brands, how often does a celebrity launch more than one brand in the same industry? For example, Halsey launched a second makeup line af94 at Walmart this year.
Af94 vs. About Face Beauty
So, what are the significant differences between af94 and About Face?

About Face is known for its high-end editorial vibe that speaks to creators on multiple levels. It convinces you to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with versatile products.

However, cosmetics aren’t accessible to every consumer. A $20 lipstick or $30 eyeshadow can be a luxury purchase and out of the norm for most demographics. This unattainable space is the fuel for launching af94.

One article with V Magazine, “labeled as the cute bratty younger sister to About Face, af94 brings high-quality products to a more affordable market.”

Af94 released an entire collection and provided cosmetics for every need. While they have you covered with the basics, they’ve also released multiple exuberant and colorful products to build your creative makeup arsenal.

Af94’s “made-to-play” makeup is cruelty-free, cleanly formulated, vegan, and provides lasting products. The best part, everything retails for under $10.
What to Shop
Playdate Multi-Use Cheek + Lip Color ($9, shop here):

This year, lip and cheek sticks are all the rage, but they can run a hefty price tag. Thankfully, af94 is here to help you try your most loved trends. The Playdate is a versatile lip-and-cheek stick that gives skin a wash of color.

Af94 describes this product as providing a “popsicle-stained color,” and it can be applied across the face. It has a creamy and blendable texture that melts into the skin.

In addition, it’s available in five shades so that every skin tone can find its ideal match.

Backline Liquid Eyeliner ($8, shop here):

Liquid eyeliner is a staple product anyone can have in their makeup bag.

The Backline Liquid Eyeliner has a fluid, opaque, and long-wear formula. In addition, this eyeliner features a soft and defined felt tip pen so you can master multiple graphic eye looks.

You can opt for your classic black eyeliner or experiment with vivid shades like yellow, blue, or green. The Backline Liquid eyeliner is water-resistant and smudge-proof, so you can rest assured your liner is meant to last.

False Advertising Faux Lashes ($5, shop here):

What’s the secret to a dramatic and glamorous eye look? False eyelashes can completely transform your look and add the final touch to your makeup. However, high-end lashes can retail for up to $30 a pair.

You can get the same look for less with af94’s False Advertising Faux Lashes. These fake lashes are weightless and undetectable on the eyes; you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Also, each eyelash style will make a statement.

The False Advertising Faux Lashes are made from synthetic faux fibers that can be re-worn up to 20 times. They’re simple to apply and ideal for beginners to fake lashes.