There are many common myths and misconceptions when it comes to haircuts. How often should you have them, what you should do in between, what are the dangers of not having them, but what is the truth? How often do we really need to be getting haircuts as women?

How Often Should I Cut My Hair? 
Obviously, it depends on your specific hair type and style. Still, it is recommended that you have your hair cut approximately every six to eight weeks. You may feel that this is too often if you’re hoping to grow your hair, but getting your hair cut more frequently actually prevents your hair cuticle from splitting at the end.

The result? Healthier locks that won’t thin or break. The longest time you should wait for a haircut in six months. Getting your hair cut regularly every few weeks will help prevent any damage that may later be irreversible.

Short hair – every 2-4 weeks
Mid hair length – every 8-12 weeks
Curly hair – you can go much longer in between cuts with curly hair as it’s easier to style
Long hair – every 6 months
Fine hair – every 4-6 months
Straight hair – 4-8 weeks
Layered cut – every 8-12 weeks

How Do I Know If My Hair Needs a Cut? 
If you’re wondering whether you require a good haircut or trim, you should check if the following apply to you and your hair.

    • Your hair tangles easily and snags at the bottom
    • You have split ends
    • The ends of your hair have a gummy, sticky texture
    • Your curl pattern is changing or losing its shape
    • The ends of your hair are fraying and breaking off into split ends
    • Split ends are making their way up to your hair shaft