While this makeup style may look challenging to achieve, you can create any shade of lashes with a few simple steps.

In addition, the following methods can work on natural eyelashes, fake strips or individual lashes. Are you ready to tap into your creative side?
–        Spoolie
–        Cream Makeup
–        Water Activated Liners
–        White Base
–        Detailing Brush
–        Concealer
–        Colorful Mascara
How to Create Colorful Lashes Method 1: Colorful Mascara
Transforming your lash line doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Most brands formulate colorful mascara to help bring a new hue to your eyelashes. For example, you can find shades like green, purple, blue, and burgundy mascara.

Step 1: Prep

You’ll want to prep your lashes before your mascara application. This may include curling your eyelashes to achieve the right amount of lift. Also, you may decide to add a coat of lash primer for a boost of longevity.

Step 2: Apply Mascara
Next, you’ll want to apply your mascara accordingly. You can follow your brand’s directions to obtain the best results. However, you can use colorful mascaras the same way you would apply regular mascara.

Step 3: Build It Up
You may want to continue adding a few more coats of your colorful mascara. Some formulas need to be built up, and it can take a few layers of product before you see the vividness of your mascara.

Building up your mascara can also add volume and length.
Method 2: Cream Makeup
Another option is to use cream makeup. Cream makeup is often thick in texture and full of saturation. It can easily coat the lashes in any shade you desire, and it can be set with eyeshadow or powder for a lasting finish.

Step 1: Prep
Prep is crucial for the longevity of your lashes for every look. You may decide to curl your natural eyelashes and add a lash primer to create an even canvas.

Step 2: Apply a Base
Everyone has varying shades of eyelash colors. For darker eyelashes or false strip eyelashes, you may need to add a base to ensure your chosen color pops. Layering a white cream base will ensure your colorful lashes are vivid and bold.

A concealer can also come in handy as a base instead of a white cream product.

Step 3: Apply Cream Makeup
Now it’s time to layer your color of choice. Cream makeup has a thick consistency, so it’s crucial to work in thin layers to avoid a spidery mess. You can take time to build up the color, volume, and length.

A spoolie can help pick up and distribute your cream products.

Step 4: Set
Cream makeup has the potential to slip and slide. However, you can lightly dust your lashes with a similar color eyeshadow or a translucent setting powder.
Method 3: Water Activated Liners
Water-activated liners provide intense color payoff without feeling heavy or thick. They can also be used to transform your eyelashes. In addition, water-activated liners are available in UV formulas so you can glow under blacklight.

You can easily mix water-activated liners to create a custom lash shade.

Step 1: Prep
Again, it’s essential to take time prepping your eyelashes to ensure a flawless and clump-free finish.

Step 2: Activate Your Eyeliner
Add a few drops of water to your eyeliner to get a fluid texture. Once you have enough product, pick it up with a spoolie for easy distribution.

Step 3: Apply
Now you can layer your water-activated eyeliner. You may want to let the eyeliner dry between coats to ensure you have even saturation and no patchy lashes. This also allows you to control your desired intensity.

A detailing brush can help reach in between the base of the lash line for a seamless result.