Marie Antoinette, Mad Men’s Betty on her Italian vacation (pre-fatsuit), Marge Simpson. These unforgettable females owe part of their allure to their unforgettable beehives. Serious bouffants recently made a huge impact at Thom Browne’s Spring/Summer 2014 show, one of the most written/Tweeted/Instagrammed about collections of the season.It’s not really an everyday look, but just in time for Halloween we bring you a foolproof technique to try out. The beehive lends itself to so many costume ideas! The lovely Amy Marturana, YouBeauty’s editorial assistant, got in touch with her inner Mars Attacks and agreed to be our model, and Edward Lampley, a rising editorial stylist at Bumble and Bumble, provided the styling.Here are your step-by-step intructions for creating the perfect Halloween beehive.


1. Get a GripSays Edward, “It’s all about getting the hair to the right texture before you begin the tease. The hair needs grip.” To get just the right canvas, start with a thickening lotion and really, really go to town. Saturate the hair from roots to ends. Great ones to try include: Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray and Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray. With tension in the fingers, rough blow dry the hair until it’s completely dry. Take your time on this step.


 2. Tool TimeYou’ll need a teasing brush and a fine tooth comb. The comb is to execute the actual teasing. The teasing brush contains just a slim line of soft bristles that will blend the teased sections into a cohesive style. Both the brush and the comb have a handy pointed end that allows for delicate manipulation of the teased sections into your desired twist.


  3.The TechniqueStart at the crown, take a 2-inch section of hair and hold it straight away from the scalp. Take your fine tooth comb and start at the root. Run the comb down towards the root for two strokes, performing the motion along the back of the section. After two strokes “pack the hair.” This involves taking the comb to the front of the section and “packing it down.” Tease, tease, pack, tease, tease, pack. The tighter you pack, the more intense the height. Since you took the time to create a good textured canvas, it’s unnecessary to spray each individual length with hair spray before you tease, which does save some time. However, depending on hair length and density, this does take some time as you’ll wind up with about six to 10 teased sections.


4. Do the TwistOnce you’ve teased the entire head, use the teasing brush to gently mold the sections into one large mass of awesome. Then, gather the hair and twist towards the scalp and secure with 2-3 hair pins.You may notice I dedicated the most detail to the teasing technique as the styling of teased hair is really the easy part. It’s comparable to play-doh in its ability to lend itself to various shapes and forms. Its cotton candy texture masks any off-shapes or an ill-placed pin. So have fun with it! The hard part will be adjusting to all the attention you and your rad hair will get.Happy Halloween!Here’s a handy, shareable cheat sheet for you:

Images by Jane Houle/Getty Images
Beehive Tutorial