Love creating intricate or glamorous makeup looks but dread the removal process? Removing makeup is essential to keeping the skin happy and healthy. However, it shouldn’t stop your creativity.

While removing layers of makeup sounds impossible, it can be relatively straightforward. For example, you can effortlessly wash away makeup with the double-cleansing method.

This two-step process will make it tempting to ditch the makeup wipes once and for all.

Remove Your Makeup Easily
Removing makeup will no longer be a chore. In addition, removing your makeup can be a soothing and satisfying step in any beauty regimen. You can achieve a freshly cleansed face in a few simple steps.

Be Patient and Gentle
It’s crucial to work slowly and with care while removing makeup. The face is delicate and excessive rubbing or pulling can lead to signs of premature aging or increased sensitivity. Also, it may be ineffective when eliminating makeup.

Removing makeup can be a calming and soothing experience so that you can take extra time as an act of self-care.

Start with an Oil-Based Cleanser
It may be time to ditch the makeup wipes and opt for a double-cleansing method instead. Makeup wipes are convenient and better than using nothing when in sticky situations. However, it can still leave behind makeup or residue.

Double cleansing involves using an oil-based cleanser first, followed by a regular face wash.

According to Allure and Makeup Artist Simone Chakravarty, “an oil-based cleanser is usually best to break product down, as most makeup is made with oil…letting it stay on the skin for a minute to make it truly work.”

Oil-based cleansers will quickly melt away makeup, even if it’s waterproof.

Massage & Rinse
You may take this time to massage your face with the oil-based cleanser. Massaging the product into the skin will ensure it breaks down enough makeup, which can be a relaxing step in your routine.

Once you finish massaging, the oil-based cleanser has had time to work and you can rinse your face with water.

Use a Gentle Cleanser
Next, it’s time for the second cleanse in this double-step method. Again, opting for your regular cleanser or one with a gentle formula is best. This cleanser should clean the skin and eliminate any leftover traces of makeup from the first step.

In addition, your cleanser should nourish and care for your skin while prepping it for the rest of your beauty regimen.

Micellar Water For Eyes
Miss some spots around the eyes? Micellar water is gentle, effective, and works effortlessly on the eyes. It can also break down waterproof eye makeup and is easy to use.

First, take some cotton pads, or reusable ones, and soak them in micellar water. Then, place the cotton rounds on your eyes and allow them to sit. This will help break down and remove any eye makeup.

You can also use a q-tip to clean between the lash line or other hard-to-reach places.

Follow with the Rest of Your Routine
Finally, you can continue with the rest of your skincare routine and enjoy your freshly cleansed face!