With cosmetic products, companies that do test on animals will not outrightly include the ‘We Use Animals For Testing’ disclaimer on their products, like cigarette companies do with their warning labels. This is why cruelty-free companies will go out of their way to make advertisements include labels and evidence concerning the animal rights ethics of their companies. However, you can now determine if a product is cruelty-free without asking anyone. Here’s how.

Bunny logos

A lot of cosmetics are tested on rabbits, and the companies that refrain from this testing method have a bunny logo on their products. This bunny could have pink ears, could be leaping, or look like a regular bunny. Under these logos, you’ll find the support of the company’s ethical stance. In essence, companies that aren’t cruelty-free will not have any of these logos.

Conduct your research

Sometimes, you may see bunny logos that do not match any of the mentioned descriptions, and for these, you’ll need to do a quick internet dive. All the cruelty-free companies are listed online, and you can easily check if the company tests its products on animals.

Use an app

If surfing the web or printing out the list of cruelty-free companies is too much for you, then you can easily use the cruelty detecting app. This app detects if a product has been tested on animals through the information in the product’s barcode. All you need is the cruelty-free mobile app, which once downloaded, can quickly scan the barcode and give feedback in real-time.

Mail the company

This method may be more time consuming than any of the previous ones, but it’s a great way of getting your message across. By emailing the producing brand, you can include personal reservations and questions about their testing procedures, and it’ll be extensively addressed. Of course, a response could come in 5-10 working days, depending on the company’s policy.

There are a lot of cruelty-free companies in the world today. Sadly they do not outnumber those that welcome animal cruelty. However, with these tips, you can identify the testing procedures of any product before purchase.

The following cruelty-free brands are some of our favorites:

Jane Iredale
Too Faced
e.l.f. Cosmetics
Urban Decay
Kat Von D
Fenty Beauty
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Drunk Elephant