The winter is definitely not our friend when it comes to keeping our beauty at its best. Cold air outside combined with hot air inside can cause excess dryness… especially with your hair. Your hair is more prone to breakage in the winter, which can lead to that dry and brittle hair look that no one wants. Keeping your hair sleek and shiny all year long might mean you have to give a little extra TLC to your hair care routine in the winter, but it’ll be worth it:

Don’t go outside with wet hair

That means building in the extra time in the morning to let your hair air dry before rushing out the door. When you go outside in the cold with wet hair, your hair is more prone to breakage, and dyed color will fade more quickly.

Shower in colder water

Showing in steaming hot water is enjoyable in the winter, but it’s not great for your hair. Lower the temperature of your shower back a few notches to prevent brittle and dry locks.

Let your hair go natural

Using heated styling tools every day might be a part of your morning routine, but consider letting your hair go natural for the winter. Excess heat on your hair can lead to split ends and breakage.

Use oil-based treatments

Hair masks will be your best friend this winter. Oil-based hair treatments will restore moisture and leave your hair looking and feeling silky and luscious. Try making a DIY hair oil mist to keep your strands healthy and shiny all day!

Wash your hair less

AKA- stock up on dry shampoo. Washing your hair every day can strip your hair of its natural oils and lead to dryness. These natural oils are extra crucial in the winter, so skip the hair washing every day and reach for dry shampoo instead.

Get your hair regularly cut

The key to healthy hair is getting it cut regularly. The same goes for keeping your hair soft in the winter, too. Dry, split ends develop regardless, so getting a regular haircut ensures your hair will always look its best.

Deep condition

Leave-in conditioners will prove to be extremely helpful in the cold months. Use a leave-in conditioner once a week to restore moisture in your hair. Soft, moisturized hair also means less static hair, which often happens in the winter.

Wear a hat

Wearing a hat in the winter isn’t just helpful in keeping our ears warm, it keeps our hair healthy, too. A hat will block snow and cold wind from reaching your roots and making your hair that much more prone to dryness and breakage.