Oprah’s traditional Favorite Things List is out again, and Mama O did. Not. Hold. Back. This year’s crazy expensive products range from the gold-hued to the self-growing. If you choose to shop Oprah, here are my recommendations for which gifts (and which friends) deserve your hard-earned cash:

For Your Significant Other’s Mom
Need to impress an old person with wildly expensive nail polish? Oprah recommends the Cote Nail Color Gift Set, which “leaves the trendy colors to the teens” for $144. If your own mother also still gets macaroni necklaces every year, I’d say leave this one for a “First Christmas at the in-laws” situation.

For Your Man
I will forever equate Body Butter with this “Broad City” scene that exposed the many uses of luxurious lotion. Do you want to spend $93 so your boyfriend can have a fun afternoon? Thanks again, Oprah!

For Your Upstairs Neighbor
With a $500 nudge in the right direction, maybe your upstairs neighbor will stop with the cardio and embrace high-tech, low-volume yoga instead with the Yoga Tablet.

For Your Therapist
Since you can’t gather them yourself, just go ahead and buy these 365 Gathered Truths. The boxful of small pieces of wisdom will prove that you’re committed to mental health. Or, at least spending $85 on it.

For You
The Ginger Beauty and Wellness Collection is a set of ginger “three luxurious ways” — a tea, a scrub, and a bath soak. If there’s someone else in your life you love enough to buy $265 bath products, congrats. If not, save this one for yourself and soak in a warm bath of ginger and money.

For The Help
You have a housekeeper, right? That’s the only scenario in which I can imagine someone spending $144 on a foot cream and sock gift set. But, in that case, this is actually to the perfect gift for the woman who’s washing your kitchen floors.

For Illuminati Members
This Edward Bess Black Sea Precious Pearl Perfector face cream is made of crushed pearls and contains zero traces of virgin sacrifice. O swears its a primer, highlighter, and anti-aging cream which sounds like the work of a powerful secret society, especially for $78.

For Your Boss While You Ask for A Holiday Bonus
This Anastasia Beauty Express Brow Kit is one of the least expensive items on Oprah’s Favorite things by a landslide. Get it for your boss, male or female, with a look that says, “Next year, I’d like to give you the $365 mug set.”