It’s bikini season, and body hair can be a vulnerable topic for countless individuals. It’s common to reach for a razor blade during this time, but it can also wreak havoc on the skin. Before you know it, ingrown hairs can appear almost anywhere on the body.

So how can you treat or minimize the appearance of ingrown hairs?

Ingrown Hair TipsS have With The Grain
One of the easiest ways to minimize the chances of ingrown hairs from appearing is by shaving with the grain. However, shaving against the grain can lead to skin irritation and make it challenging for new growth to break through the skin’s surface.

According to Dollar Shave Club, “it’s vital to know how to shave with the grain…as it helps to prevent razor burn, skin irritation, and ingrown hair.” Shaving against the grain will also increase the risk of razor burn.
Use Topical Exfoliants
Ingrown hairs can stay longer than expected, and it can be challenging to diminish them when they already appear. However, applying topical/chemical exfoliants like AHAs, BHAs, or Retinoids can remove dead skin and clear out ingrown hairs.

The Mayo Clinic states, “a nightly application of a retinoid cream such as tretinoin helps to clear dead skin cells…may also help repair any discoloration.”

However, ensure you follow it up with sunscreen application daily so these products can provide the benefits you desire.
Dehydrated skin can also pose numerous skin concerns that can be easily avoided. For example, would you ever shave your face with hot water, pat it dry, and leave? Most likely not, so why do it to other areas of your body?

A moisturizer will ensure your skin is hydrated and keep your skin barrier happy so it can quickly heal from other skincare problems like ingrown hairs.
Invest In Your Razor
A dull razor can be a recipe for disaster and promote ingrown hairs. In addition, a blunt blade can have difficulty while shaving, and it won’t provide a clean finish. Reusing blades can also spread bacteria or increase the risk of razor burn.

Dollar Shave Club claims “to use a fresh razor blade and run it under hot water before shaving since a hot blade cuts through hairs like a warm knife through butter.” Investing in a high-quality razor can drastically reduce these adverse side effects.

In addition, a better option would be to get an electric razor and stick to trimming. Trimming allows you to control hair growth without irritating the skin or shaving it right at the root.
Ditch Shaving
You may even decide to ditch shaving altogether and embrace your natural side. Taking a shaving break will give your skin enough time to heal fully from ingrown hairs or razor burns. You can even treat the skin with topical exfoliants.
Try A Depilatory Cream
You can try opting for a depilatory cream instead of shaving. Products like Nair are designed to dissolve hair right at the root to provide a seamless finish. While these products have their risks, they’re available in sensitive formulas.
Consult A Dermatologist
Ingrown hairs can be a chore; if the problem persists, it will be wise to visit a dermatologist. A dermatologist will be able to diagnose your specific situation and analyze your skin’s characteristics to assign the best treatment for you.