Tiktok is the powerhouse of most beauty trends. Products have gone viral repeatedly, only to sell out on the next restock. Also, Tiktok is a great teaching platform to learn new techniques like the Half Moon Eyeliner.

The #halfmooneyeliner on TikTok has over 2.3 million views. So what makes the Half Moon Eyeliner so unique? It’s a customizable and beginner-friendly technique that adds extra flare to any makeup look.

How can you try Half Moon Eyeliner?
Tools Needed For Half Moon Eyeliner
The Half Moon Eyeliner trend is accessible because eyeliner is the only tool required to complete the look. Therefore, you’ll want to choose an eyeliner you are comfortable working with or applying to the waterline.

Please avoid liquid eyeliner because it can’t be applied to the waterline and can cause irritation if it seeps into the eyes.
Eyeliner Of Choice
Choose your eyeliner of choice. Kohl, pencil, creams, and gel liners will perform the best because they dry down in the water line and are long-wearing. Also, you can choose any color and get as creative as your heart desires.
How To Create Half Moon Eyeliner
The Half Moon Eyeliner focuses all the product on the lower lash line. It can also be applied slightly under the lower lashes on the hollow of the eyes to create a half-moon shape.
1.   Start With the Outer Corner of the Lower Lash Line
First, you’ll want to loosely map out the shape and placement of your half-moon liner. You will focus all the product on the lower lash line. Also, draw a small line from the outer corner and work your way to the inner corner.
2.   Follow Your Natural Eye Shape
Next, you’ll want to draw that half-moon shape on your under-eye area. It’s crucial to saturate the lower lash line and slightly lower to create an opaque effect. You can also follow the curves of your eye shape to get a flattering half-moon effect.
3.   Fill In Your Waterline
Then, you’ll want to add the eyeliner to the waterline. This will connect your half-moon shape to the eyes for a finished appearance. It will look bold and cohesive, and you can use multiple shades to create a multidimensional finish.
4.   Optional: Wing It Out
You can complete your half-moon liner or take an additional step. For example, you can wing out your half-moon liner. Start at the outer corner and slightly blend upwards towards the tail end of your eyebrow for a winged effect.
5.   Complete Your Eyelook
Now you can complete your eye look. The advantage of the half moon liner is that it can be worn alone as a statement, or you can pair it with another eye look. This allows you to tap into your creative side for your makeup.

The Half Moon Eyeliner can be easily adaptable for all makeup routines. Choose your favorite shade and draw the liner while following the curvatures of your eye shape.
Additional Inspiration
Still unsure how to execute half-moon eyeliner? Check out Creator Jawaria’s Half Moon Eyeliner on TikTok.

Will you be trying out this futuristic and editorial eyeliner trend?