Eyeshadow can be a daunting task to accomplish, especially for beginners. In addition, adding too many shades at once can quickly create a muddy or messy effect. However, you can take a simplified approach to eyeshadow by using bronzer instead.

Why Use Bronzer As Eyeshadow?
Bronzer can replace your eyeshadow, and it’s a great hack to implement for all skill levels. It creates a natural finish for a no-makeup-makeup look or helps you learn to blend eyeshadow to flatter your facial features.

In addition, bronzer can contour and sculpt your eye shape.

A Natural Finish

Using bronzer as eyeshadow provides a natural effect. It’s not as pigment as some eyeshadow formulations, which makes it more forgiving. However, it can be challenging to overload your brush with bronzer, and it adds a hint of warmth to the skin.

Blends Effortlessly

Because bronzer is more forgiving than a shadow, it can blend effortlessly into the eye socket. In addition, most bronzers are formulated to prevent patchy and uneven skin. So, it can become the base of almost any eye makeup look if you build it up.

Can Be Easily Layered

Bronzer, as an eyeshadow, can be worn alone or with other eye makeup products. For example, bronze can take your makeup from day to night, or it can act as a transition shade for smokey eyes. It also looks gorgeous when paired with eyeliner and mascara.

How to Apply Bronzer as Eyeshadow
You only need a fluffy eyeshadow brush and bronzer of choice to use this product as eyeshadow. However, you can include multiple items like cream bronzer or varying shades of bronzer to get a multidimensional finish.

1.   Use a Cream Bronzer

Cream bronzers create a natural and effortless wash of color. In addition, it can be a great eyeshadow base. Layering cream and powder bronzers can promote intensity and give you a vivid outcome. It can also make your eyeshadow longer-lasting.

2.   Start With the Crease

First, take your cream bronzer and add it to the crease. You can look down into a mirror to see the definition of your eye socket. It’s best to blend the bronzer outwards and follow your bone structure.

This should create a sculpted effect and leave your eyelids looking bright.

3.   Set With Powder Bronzer

Once you are happy with the result of your cream bronzer eye look, you can set it in place with a powder bronzer. You can take a second eyeshadow brush and lightly dust the powder bronzer over the cream to promote longevity and intensity.

4.   Deepen the Outer Corners

Are you still looking for more depth from your bronzed eye look? Then, choose another bronzer that’s in a deeper or darker tone. Again, it’s helpful to grab a small eyeshadow detailing brush to deepen the outer corner.

Dab the darker shade of bronzer on the outer corners and sweep outwards.

5.   Complete Your Makeup Look

Finally, you can finish off your bronzer eye look however you like. For example, you may decide to amp up the drama by using eyeliner, or you can promote volume by layering mascara.