Working out doesn’t mean you have to go make-up free. These days the gym is just as much a hotbed of fashion as any other place. This leaves you in the position of wanting to look your best. Here’s how to apply makeup, so it isn’t over done and you still look your best courtesy of Self Magazine.

Bring out your eyes…
The first thing you want to avoid is shadow on the eyes. You will look overdone and too made up for a workout. You should go for a waterproof eyeliner and smudge it along the bottom lash line so it looks worn in. If you’re a morning person, this is great as it helps to define puffy morning eyes. Be cautioned that when it comes to mascara make sure it’s waterproof.


Hide pimples and spots.
If you don’t want to show off all your facial blemishes while working out, you can do so, but not with foundation. Here’s a tip… smooth on primer, which evens out an uneven skin tone. Primer is also good because it doesn’t cake up when you sweat. Next, pat a creamy concealer over dark areas.

The lips have it!
When it comes to doing your lips for the gym you want to avoid lipstick because the waxes can melt. Avoid gloss because your hair can get stuck in it. You also want to avoid crimson as you don’t want to look vampy during a workout. Instead, wear a nice bright color and go for a long lasting lip stain. Feather it smoothly with your finger for optimal results.