Mascara is often the first product introduced to makeup beginners. It’s easy to apply and makes a difference in your lashes. However, mascara can also create a drab effect and be hard to upkeep.
Why You Might Want to Ditch Mascara
Mascara can accentuate your lashes, but it can also be a chore to maintain. Nowadays, you can rock an entire face of makeup without mascara. So while you may feel naked at first, you will notice that your eyelashes feel less irritated.

So what are some other reasons you might ditch mascara?
It Flakes and Smudges
Mascara can easily transfer across your eyes and quickly ruin an eyeshadow look you may have spent hours blending. In addition, it can be overwhelming to constantly check and ensure your mascara doesn’t flake or smudge.

Smudgy mascara can leave you with an unwanted raccoon-like effect. You can opt for a waterproof formula, but often these mascaras are too harsh on the lashes.
Can Harm Your Lashes
Mascara can harm your lashes if you use a harsh formula or apply/remove it incorrectly. Waterproof formulas can be intense and weaken our lashes if applied frequently or not removed correctly.

According to Vision Associates, “Dimethicone copolyol dries out your eyelashes. If you have thin lashes, you’ll want to avoid waterproof mascaras all together.” They also explain how waterproof mascara can hinder the lashes’ ability to protect your eyes.
How To Wear Makeup Without Mascara
Eliminating mascara from your routine doesn’t have to be challenging. You can follow a few simple tips to ensure you have an easy time phasing out this eye product. In addition, your lashes will have time to rest, and you may fall in love with this fresh-faced look.
Focus On The Base
Your eyes don’t always have to be the focus of every makeup look. Instead, focus on what other facial features you want to accentuate. You may also decide that now is the time to try a bold and defined eyebrow.

You can easily swipe a bright blush on the face or try to accomplish a glass-skin look. In addition, a bronzer and contour can help keep you warm and chiseled. Take your time with other steps in your makeup routine that make you feel confident.
Define The Eyes With Eyeliner
Did you know you can wear eyeliner without mascara? Eyeliner may even be a better tool to define your eyes. In addition, you won’t have to worry about mascara running  or overpowering your eyeliner look.

You can try drawing an intricate graphic eyeliner or focus on pops of color. Also, you can use eyeliner to tight line your eyes for a more dramatic effect or use it to draw on fake lash hairs.
Wear A Bold Lip
Rhianna says that nothing spices up a makeup look like a bold lip. You don’t have to wear a single stitch of makeup with a bold lip. An impactful lipstick color will make it look like you’ve spent hours on your makeup.

It will help create a fresh face and draw attention away from your eyes.