TikTok raises awareness of viral makeup products, techniques, and looks. The latest trend from this app is the “I’m Cold” makeup tutorial. This look adapts the glowy, clean-girl makeup look more winter appropriate.

What Is The “I’m Cold” Makeup Look?
The “I’m Cold” Makeup Look mimics a similar flush to spending a snow day outside or a romanticized version of catching a cold. Various creators on TikTok, like Jennie Dimova and Christie X, show how to achieve this winter frostbitten finish step by step.

This look prominently features an intense blush application, bright eyes, matte skin, and stained lips. However, the placement and products bring this snowy skin flush to life.

How to Achieve the “I’m Cold” Makeup Look
A few reasons why the “I’m Cold” makeup look initially gained traction is because it incorporates accessible products you might already have in your cosmetics bag.

It’s also adaptable to look stunning on all skin tones, and the application techniques are beginner-friendly.
1.   Prep + Base
First, apply your skincare and prep products as you usually would. You can also use your favorite foundation. This prep step will be a fresh canvas for the “I’m Cold” makeup look.
2.   Bright Concealer
One prominent feature of this makeup look is a bright under-eye concealer. You can achieve this effect by applying a concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin tone for an awakened effect.
3.   Nose + Cheek Blush Application
The most crucial step of the makeup trend is the blush application. Using a cream or liquid brush to solidify its placement and saturation is best. Take your blush and brush it from one cheek, across the nose, to the other cheek.

This creates a blush you usually get when you catch a cold or spend a long time outside. However, applying blush to the cheeks and nose is essential.
4.   Setting Powder
Next, you’ll want to bring that “I’m Cold” finish to life by setting your makeup in place with a powder. Matte skin is another feature of this makeup trend that anyone can adapt to fit their skin’s needs.
5.   White Eye Pencil
What should you do for the eyes? You can highlight the eyes in the inner corner and brow bone for a frosty effect. Applying a white eye pencil or a lighter concealer if white doesn’t flatter your complexion is recommended.
6.   Shimmery Highlighter
At this stage in your makeup routine, everything will look matte. So, you’ll want to use a shimmery highlighter to bring some dimension back into the face. Then, apply this highlighter over top of the white eye pencil for an extra pop to the eyes.
7.   Eyebrows
Now, you’ll want to do your eyebrows. You can do your eyebrows however you’d like or how you usually do them. Eyebrows aren’t one-size-fits-all, so it’s crucial to tend to them how you see fit.
8.   Lip Stain
Another essential feature of the “I’m Cold” look is stained lips. A lip stain will mimic a chapped and bitten finish without dryness or pain. However, gently pat the stain only to the center of the lips to create a plumped effect.
9.   Gloss
Finally, add a gloss to finish the look and add more dimension. Adding a clear gloss with no shimmer for a glassy sheen is best.