Ceremonia is bringing new meaning to haircare with its LatinX roots. Their “farm-to-lab” approach allows them to create high-performing products free of harsh sensitizing components.

In addition, all ingredients are natural and sourced throughout Latin America. So what unique products does Ceremonia have to offer?

Revamp Your Hair Care Routine
The Scalp Power Duo ($44, shop here):

Hair health starts with scalp health. Ceremonia makes scalp care a breeze with the Scalp Power Duo, which includes the Heritage Scalp Remedy Oil Aceite de Moska and Scalp Masajeador massager. This duo will stimulate and nourish the roots.

The Heritage Scalp Remedy Oil Aceite de Moska is packed with antioxidants and conditioning components to promote hair growth. Its ingredients, like Aloe Vera, Castor Oil, and Babassu Oil, will create a healthy canvas for your hair.

The scalp needs circulation to promote growth and stimulated roots; one easy way to do so is with the Scalp Masajeador. You can pair this massager with your scalp oil to ensure the product is evenly distributed and saturated on the scalp.

Massaging the scalp with an oil can create a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and make way for healthier hair.

Acai Style Refresher ($20, shop here):

What’s more revving than an acai bowl? Ceremonia’s Acai Style Refresher makes styling day two hair a breeze. So often, we see styling products but not products that revive your already done strands. Now you can extend your next wash day.

The Acai Style Refresher is a versatile tool that can eliminate ponytail creases, as a post-workout pick-me-up, and extend your wash day. Ceremonia recommends spraying this product several times to saturate the strands and revive your hair.

The ingredients are sourced from Latin America and provide nutritional components your strands need, like Aloe Vera, Acai Extract, Avocado Oil, and more. In addition, the Acai Style Refresher is a water-based spray that won’t weigh down the strands.

Guava Rescue Spray ($22, shop here):

Heat styling can take a toll on your strands, especially if you’re missing a barrier-protecting product from your hair regimen. The Guava Rescue Spray will ensure you keep your hair’s integrity whenever you need to bring out the hot tools.

What makes the Guava Rescue Spray so unique? It’s also a detangler! You can eliminate tough knots from your strands while creating a resilient barrier against heat. This product can protect strands up to 450F and offers a natural UV filter.

Ceremonia has ensured to use of ingredients that shield against environmental stressors like sun damage and pollution. This heat protectant contains Guava, Avocado, and Butterfly Ginger to combat harsh aggressors to keep your hair strong.

You can apply this product to damp hair.

Wash Day Deep Moisturizing Wash Duo ($40, shop here):

Are you looking to simplify your hair-washing day? Pairing the right shampoo and conditioner together can be challenging, which is why Ceremonia created this bundle. The wash Day Deep Moisturizing Wash Duo features a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

This combo is ideal for thick and textured hair that needs a boost of hydration. The Champú de Yucca & Witch Hazel Shampoo will effortlessly cleanse and nourish the scalp without leaving it over-stripped. Instead, you can expect a deep clean.

Meanwhile, the Acondicionador de Cupuaçu & Castor Conditioner will create silky strands and keep frizz at bay. Chia Seed Extract, Babassu Oil, Cupuacu Butter, and Blue Agave are some nutrient-rich hair ingredients.

Ceremonia created a high-performing duo that is great for unruly strands.