If you suffer from major celeb hair envy, you’re going to be very excited about this news. With Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen and Reese Witherspoon, being just a few of Jen Atkin’s prominent clients, this hairstylist has recently launched her own website dedicated to everything hair.A mecca for the hair-obsessed, maneaddicts.com has everything from elaborate “How-tos,” to a “Masters” board that includes interviews with all the hair legends and gurus from around the world. (She frequently travels between New York, Los Angeles and even Dubai, so we really mean around the world.)However, the shining piece of the site is definitely the “Inspiration” and “What to Buy” section. Filled with gorgeous hair ideas, the inspiration section will leave you dying to try platinum for winter, or a tousled bob to update your desired Victoria’s Secret Angel hair . After scrolling through some posts, you’ll pretty much be ready to do anything for those sexy strands. (Which is why I found myself in the “What to Buy” section, skimming through hair accessories and products, credit card in hand.) Beware — this site is addictive and you’ll be left scrolling through celebrity hair inspo for hours on end. As if we needed yet another site to procrastinate on!Related Articles:8 Times We Cried in the Hair Salon7 Celebs Channeling “The Hunger Games” With Fishtail Braids