julep luxe lip conditioning treatment

Frequently, the promotional copy for beauty products can be be … how should I say it? … hyperbolic. You see words like “amazing” and “best” and “game-changer” — when in actuality the product being described more average. Sometimes the promotional copy lives up to the hype, though, and that is certaining the case for Julep Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment. I am convinced it’s the reason I haven’t had chapped, cracked, painful lips all winter long. 

Product: Julep Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment

Price: $24

We Think:

How to Use It: Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment comes in a squeezable tube with a metal applicator, which feels cool and pleasant on the skin. You squeeze out some of the treatment onto your lips and can easily spread it with the applicator. This is a conditioner, not a balm, so you don’t need to apply it constantly to your lips throughout the day (unless, of course, you want to). 

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How It Looks, How It Feels: The treatment goes on both thick and sheer, giving your lips a glossy finish without any color. Lightly greasy, it feels instantly moisturizing on the lips. The hydration is long-lasting through the day and night. It doesn’t have much of a noticeable taste, although beause it is a treatment, I only put it on after I had eaten food or had a drink. (You shouldn’t be licking your lips anyway, though!)  

Results: At some point every winter, my lips get so flaky and chapped that I get a split which becomes infected, usually in the corners of my lips. Then all of a sudden, I’ll have a stinging injury that looks like a cold sore and makes it painful to open my mouth wide while eating. This winter is the first time I can ever remember notdealing with this horror show. I’m convinced I’ve avoided this annual drama by keeping my lips conditioned with this product (in addition to my all-through-the-day applications of lip balm and lip gloss).

I’ve kept Julep Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment in my bathroom cabinet to apply to my lips both morning and night — usually twice at night, once upon arriving home and once before bed. I’ve also shared it with my husband, whose lips are far more chapped than mine, and noticed a definite improvement on his flaky pout.

I’ve been using this treatment for about three months now and I’m greatly impressed at how long the product has lasted. I think it’s because the treatment feels thick, despite not being very thick at all. In any case, for $24, it’s well worth the price for the hydration it has consistently provided me. I purchased this with my own money and have already bought a second one from Julep so I’ll have it on hand when the first runs out! 

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