Julianne Hough’s textured blonde bob helped start the shot cut craze. Now, she’s jumping on the pastel hair bandwagon with the help of stylist Riawana Capri.

Hough explained the thought process behind the transition on her blog:

“I love to experiment with my looks by way of beauty products, styling tools and sometimes even taking things a step further –- remember last year when I chopped off all my hair? It was a big, bold move but it was so worth it! It felt liberating not to hide behind all that hair. So why did I decide on the color pink this time? Because pink is the color of kindness!”

She reminds us how hard it is on your hair to dye it any unnatural color: First you have to bleach it white-blonde to strip it of any color, then tone in your desired shade. (Hough consulted with Capri to decide on her pastel pink.) Capri also passed along her Three C’s of Hair Wisdom: Commitment, Coiffure, and Color. Coiffure is the most important in our mind if you’re considering pastel – not everyone has the time or money to visit the salon every four to six weeks! Hough said:

“Now if you’re thinking to yourself, ‘No, I really am a unicorn!’ and you want to go for it roots to ends — I respect that. My best advice is to please see a professional. Keep in mind that all-over bleach will result in roots about every 4-6 weeks, so be ready for that touch up. Don’t embarrass your stylist by not keeping up your unicorn magic. This look can go from hot to hot mess really easily.”

Do you feel jilted by Hough’s abadonment of her trademark blonde or are you ready to go Easter egg along with her? Let us know in the comments!

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