Katy Perry is ready for “Zoolander 2” with her lookback pose on the cover of Wonderland magazine in platinum blonde hair and matching bleached eyebrows. The pop star the latest in a string of celebrities  — we see you, Cara Delevingne — to pull off the “no brow” look.

Perry is already calling Christian Oita’s cover photo one of the “favorite shoots [she’s] EVER done”. After a year’s worth of celebs with platinum hair (ahem, Kim) with brown eyebrows, matching your bleached hair to your bleached brows is practically groundbreaking. This definitely won’t be the last we see of the “hey, look at my forehead!” look.



MTV tracked down Perry’s feathered Fendi dress, which retails at a casual $9,350. (This is the first and last time you’ll catch us saying we want to wear something that features feathers, cut-outs, and at least four colors.)

Some fans are happy with the new (and almost definitely temporary) look. Others are lost and confused.

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According to Perry, there are multiple rotating covers, so keep an eye out for more shots from Wonderland coming out later today.

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