When it comes to social media, some celebrities want you to see them at their realest, sometimes to the point of making you cringe.

Katy Perry is the latest uncensored Instagram poster, with the video she unleashed upon her followers on Friday night. In it, you get a clear closeup as a be-gloved man pierces her nose in one smooth swoop, followed by the singer shrieking. Unflattering angle and grisly content be damned—Katy wants to take you on her 15-second nose-piercing journey.

Watch for yourself, but be forewarned, a sharp object does, in fact, pass through Katy Perry’s nostril.

Although Katy’s video is a little more graphic than beauty-procedure posts by other celebrities, it falls squarely into the trend of stars giving their fans a window into the less glamorous side of their gorgeousness.

Lorde and Tavi Gevinson have both posted photos of themselves after applying acne spot treatments.

And Demi Lovato has shared a shot of the hairy aftermath of newly half-shaven head.

However other stars use Instagram to put a very edited image of themselves forward. Kim Kardashian, for example, reportedly Photoshops her pictures before posting them. Case in point: 

Does all this sharing fall into the “good to know” or TMI categories? We certainly feel closer to celebrities when they share their private beauty moments, and comfortated by the fact that breakout just like us. But are some moments (like, say, when a needle is being poked through your nose) meant to be, well, private?