Keira Knightley’s Style Evolution


Um, wow, just wow. Back in 2003, Knightley had abs of steel, and wasn’t afraid to use them. However, we’re guessing she didn’t get them from sit-ups (and here’s why: Sit-ups aren’t the best ab workout).

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As opposed to hard-to-pull off blunt bangs, Knightley’s stylist clearly got the memo that a messy, more layered look lends a sexy softness and especially flatters round, heart-shaped, and ahem, rounded heart shape faces like hers.

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It seems like every Jackie dreams of being a Marilyn now and then, but the key to pulling it off depends on not straying too far from your natural color, which kind of explains why this buttery shade—with a little too much red in it—isn’t quite right with her pale skin.

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Aha! And here we have the problem corrected thanks to more subtle caramel, gold highlights and a softer, more natural shaggy cut.

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Of course, showing up on the “Pride and Prejudice” red carpet the same year with long hair can only point to extensions. But why are hers more believable than say, Britney Spears’? When it comes to fake hair, err on the side of caution: Less is more, kids.

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Of all the body shapes in Hollywood, we’re going to guess Knightley is a “ruler,” which also may very well be the only type that can pull off a dress that’s cut clear down to the bathing suit parts.

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Since shiny hair is an indicator of youth (strands lose sheen as cuticles get roughed up over the years), thanks to this ultra slick side part, Knightley appears to be aging in reverse.

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Want to make your (beauty) stress-level a gazillion times lower? Take a cue from Knightley and other celebs who’ve adopted a flattering chin-length bob and natural texture, which means you can kind of tousle it, sail out the door and hit the red carpet and/or grocery store.

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We’re so inspired by this perfectly romantic way to spruce up yet another effortless hair style—the messy, textured updo—which is both ridiculously flattering for her face shape and just so happens to be the major beauty trend of the season.

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Even if the film takes place in the late 19th-century, decadent lace and a full-length gown make Knightley, always fashion-forward, vs. “Fall 2012” at the Anna Karenina premiere in Canada.

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