The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge takes the cake as one of the strangest and most dangerous beauty “trends” to hit the public. If you don’t remember the specifics of the challenge (and we don’t blame you for blocking it out of your mind), all it really consisted of was girls putting their mouths on a shot glass and sucking air out of the glass as hard as they could until their lips swelled up and looked puffy like Jenner’s. As I’m sure you already know, the results from the Lip Challenge are disastrous (and can cause permanent damage!).

But this weird “procedure” isn’t only shocking to the adults of the world. It turns out children are even more disgusted by the practice than anyone would have thought!

The Fine Bros showed a bunch of kids the effects of girls attempting to recreated Kylie’s lips and, well, you can see the kids’ reaction here:


“Those are some freaky lips,” “what is that?” “AHHHH!” and “that’s just hideous!” were only a few of the perceptive reactions from children. Glad to see that kids are just as appalled by the challenge as we are! It looks like there might be hope for future generations after all.

Although the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” little sis publicly condemned the lip challenge over Twitter, teens still attempted the dumb idea with the hopes of getting her same, full lips. However, now that  Jenner has admitted to using lip fillers, I think we can all stop trying to copy her plump pout through weird bottle suction techniques. Let it go, people. It was just plastic surgery in the first place.